Designed by:

Karey Miu

"You don't buy toys for yourself anymore. You don’t remember the last time you gorged out in the candy aisle. You try to eat healthy. You talk about things like politics and the economy and lumbar support.”

Light-up shoes are a distant childhood memory for many people, and the light-up shoes from people’s childhood are all grown up. For this project I made a interactive led shoes with pressure sensor that light up when you walk. I call it: “ Dancing Shoes”.

It shows 12 colors, which like the Rainbow and looks beautiful especially during the night. Lights are turning white when the shoes are not walking, and when the foot give the pressure to the shoes the light begin to shine.

Velostat is a packaging material made of a polymeric foil impregnated with carbon black. It is used for the protection of items or devices that are susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge. It would be great to use the Velostat as the pressure sensor.