Designed by:

James Leigh

Cubemix is an interactive cube that can be used both by musicians professionally and for educational purposes, by pre-loading sounds to each side of the cube it really can be used in so many different cases, from djing using loops and one shots to classical music with piano keys and flutes. The Cubemix really does have it all. Each side is recognisable with a different coloured panel to help you when adding sounds, you can even add a different set of instruments to each side of the cube so you can create the illusion of having a whole band playing all through and hand sized cube.

Cubemix was created with steal to make it durable in industry for musicians when using the sound equipment on the road. The cube lights up with bright LED lights so that the musicians can still see the buttons during performances that usually have little lighting

Cubemix is easily connected to any mac or pc using a usb lead and is set up to work with Ableton which is used by professional musicians around the world, it is fully flexible to program any sounds making the Cubemix perfect for any musician