Designed by:

Leigh-an Howe

CONNECT 3 is a public transportation application. Pulling 3 popular modes of transport together, consisting of Buses, Trains and Metros. Connect 3 has this all in one system making it easier and less stressful to travel, which will significantly improve the users experience. Combining these platforms together the user can swap between each section of the application with ease and also provide a more secure route. CONNECT 3 allows the user to purchase tickets, view alternative routes and receive notifications on when they should leave and when their transportation is due.

Located in the bus section of the mobile application the user is able to plan their journey from start to finish. As well as other important features CONNECT 3 displays a real time timetable where users can be informed if their chosen bus is on time or delayed and also track where it is on it’s journey.

The Train section of the mobile application is designed very similar to the other platforms providing information such as Your Location to view where and when your Train is due. Other features include estimated travel time as well as purchasing e-tickets for your selected destination.