A conceptual design for Sainsbury's, based on Voice UI.
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Project Details

We needed to design an omnichannel experience which embraces voice UI. Could this enhance the overall customer experience?

The solution, a mobile application in the form of a recipe helper. It creates a conversation with users and encourages them to try new ways of cooking within the home through voice control and visual aids. The application aids learning as well as creating a relaxed environment without the need for printed recipes and endless scrolling.

Skills for this project

Team Work

The whole project is based around teamwork and how well you can work in it. Having done various group projects before we chose to have this project be very hands on with each other. We made all of the decisions together and spent a lot of time planning our schedules so we could do everything in each others company.


We decided we needed to understand what was currently on the market in terms of voice applications, voice services and recipe methods. To do this we looked at all store competitors voice UI features, as well as any store applications that they had on the app store. This helped us with all of our layouts, designs and feature ideation. We knew we also needed to look at how the users would use voice control and where they would be when they used it. This lead us down the path of looking at certain voices and why people liked them and why they are used.

Idea Generation

After our abundance of research we decided that there was a giant gap in the market for recipe apps with voice control as the main service. We decided we needed to do in-store research, which required us to travel around and see how customers used recipes and if they used them enough to have an app out of it.


As a team we decided to film select pieces of our video outside of Sainsbury's to allow for a better feel for the app and create a realistic ambience. After this we decided to film our target audience using the app, in their own homes. This saw us filming various people from students and children to whole families. We had to create all of the prototype, alongside the recipes that they would be physically cooking in our filming, so everything merged together. We kept everything up beat and used the Adobe After Effects software to add in pop-ups of the recipes, so it was on the screen of the video and not just the device they were using.