An app to encourage people to use the park as an environment to get fit in a fun, challenging and rewarding way.
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Project Details

A team based project that required us to design and prototype an idea for a 'Smart Park'. It needed to be an imaginative and innovative concept that encouraged greater use or better experiences in the park.

Skills for this project


The whole project is based around teamwork and how well we can contribute together towards the creation of our idea. Due to this we decided to split up various parts of the project and keep some of them as teamed items, so we could reflect on ideas together and seperatley to give us better perspectives.


The research for this project was grouped into 3 seperate areas: smart parks, fitness apps and reward apps. We started by making sure we knew the main points of a smart park and what one entailed, we started out by wanting to create something such as a light installation, but noticed there was far too many of them. We settled on a fitness app and that's when we began to see the gap in a reward based fitness app. We scoured apps stores and the internet for apps that could be competitive to our own idea, but we couldn't find anything. We then research the layouts and how well they served to their target audience.


The branding was extremley important for this project as it needed to follow a particular trend, one that was already established for the fitness community, as well as one for parks. We knew we wanted everything to be bright and eye catching, along with the possibility of the colour scheme being green to represent nature. A hard point of the branding was coming up with a name that reflected the application, as well as being snappy and on-point. We settled on 'Giz' and thought it bets to have a tagline that begun with 'G' too. This ended up being 'Get Green. Get Going. Get Gifted', simple and easy.


Filming was a major aspect to the project as we wanted a story-telling video to capture the who, where and why's of the app. Due to this we spent 3 days filming in Jesmond, the park we chose to target for our app. We ended up with over 150 video clips that needed to be edited down and put into a specific order. I chose to edit the video, as I had never really made a 'story-telling' styled video before. I chose to use Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro to edit the video in the style of our storyboard. Both softwares added a different feel to the video.