Tedu in Detail

Tedu is an interactive toy aimed at educating children between the ages of 3 and 6. It uses RFID Tags as cards, which the children use to learn the pronunciation of words, while having fun family time.
An educational toy that helps children learn their phonic pronunciation with the use of RFID cards as visual connections to letters and words.
There was a gap that bridged nursery children's toys and education, especially in relation to phonics and the alphabet. A lot of what I researched was too basic for the average child and what they did have was either an app, a book or a DVD. I wanted to create something that would entice the child to continue learning away from the classroom and that was interactive, so they would remain interested.

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The whole project is based around Arduino, which required me to write the code and develop the correct circuit so that the project would work as intended. This required me to research certain codes and download the correct libraries, otherwise the project wouldn't work. I didn't have to create the actual bear, so that took some stress away as I wanted the focus to be on what the bear did, rather than how I could design and make a bear. So I bought 2 different bears from Build-a-Bear.


For this project I needed to brand everything so it suited the target audience. The main branding is based around the interactive cards. I spend a lot of time researching how they needed to look, as well as competitors products. A lot of the card design also came down to the English Language its self and having to know what my target audience was capable of saying and understanding.


The entire project was based solely on research. I took the time to research my target audience, what apps, toys and games they had to do with phonics and pronunciation, as well as looking into their school curriculum and what they are learning, so this would correspond with the bear and the cards. I also did research on how the tags and readers worked alongside Arduino. Not only this, but I did a lot of research around sound in toys and films and what would be the best to use as the bear's 'voice'.


I knew I wanted to use my younger brother throughout my filming, as he is who my project was created for. Using a 3 year old as an actor was stressful, but it turned out as intended. I used Adobe Premier Pro for the editing, as I knew how to use it and how to add all of my filming, pop ups and text.