Designed by:

Léa Bazille

Change 2016 is an art installation that aims to raise awareness for animals under threat, with the main focus in this piece being the Grauer’s Gorilla. Using a combination of projection mapping, ultrasonic sensors and perspective imagery, I caused the audience to interact with the content to ensure complete engagement. The aim of this piece was to grab the audience’s attention to make sure they understood the content fully, and to fully immerse themselves using the sensors, they alter what they view depending on their position. As they walk towards the piece, the image begins to blur, revealing the hard truth behind the subjects surrounding Change 2016.

The limbs of the gorilla have been pulled apart, so that the audience has to walk directly in front to view the projection clearly. The feature of perspective imagery is a key part of the entire piece, drawing in the concept of the audiences connection with what they’re viewing.

Using a combination of Arduino and Processing, the video engages with the audience and alters the video according to their proximity to the piece, regarding the ultrasonic sensor beneath. I also used MadMapper software to fit the projection to the piece perfectly. This was the hardest task by far and my proudest achievement of Change 2016.