Designed by:

Nimesh Reghunandanan

For my final year personal project, I decided to look at the education sector, far different from my pervious work. The aim was to better the educational system and after much research and idea generation I came to 'bookwise'. An application that acts as a personal assistant for students, through the app you are able to track progress in each subject, do, monitor and submit homework, working in groups, have access to an vast amount of resources such as revision guild, past papers, text book and story books. The second aim was to make note taking as intuitive as pencil and pad which was made possible thought the apple pencil. The handwriting is then used to make a text copy aswell for easier marking for teacher.

The admin panel allows teacher to control the iPads and demonstrate work from theirs, the groups share a folder where all the participants can access it, add and remove and edit work. The library has an array of different type of books; from interactive text books to revision guilds to story books. This is where all the notes are kept aswell.

The teacher share a similar view as the students but the difference is they can set work to be done, mark handed in homework and can see who's done it and who hasn't.