Designed by:

Laura Baldock

Balm is an app designed for Special Needs and Disability summer camps. Balm can be used by the staff, parents and campers to help with communication. The staff section enables them to upload pictures, update camper files and chat with the campers parents if they need to know anything. The parent section enables them to view photos of their child, check up on what they are up too and answer any questions that the staff may have. The camper section is designed for those who have difficulty with communication, this helps them show the staff their wants and needs during camp session.

This is the camper section of the application. This section is designed so that the campers can choose from the images what they want or need to make it much easier for staff. Some campers have extreme difficulties with communications which can cause a lot of problems whilst being at camp. This section would just help out staff and make camp much easier.

This is the message section of the app. This section would be used between the parents and staff at camp. This is again designed to help with communication to find out different things that the staff may need to find out whilst the camp is in session.