Designed by:

Karey Miu

BaBy care is a continuation / elaboration of the work done in Personal Project 1 and the project combines Personal Project 2 with Final Project.

BaBy care is a smart blanket with all-in-one sleep companion for babies. By connecting Wi-Fi and BaBy care app, the data from the blanket can be transfer to the app so that parents can watch and take care of the movement and heart rate of babies as well as the temperature of skin and room even the baby is asleep. Also, the most important is that parents can hear and see the baby when the microphone and the camera is turn on. It tracks & manages your baby sleep, unparalleled insights into baby sleep quality every night, tracks Light sleep, Deep sleep and REM sleep, and uses real-time information on baby breathing/vitals to accurately classify Deep vs REM sleep.

The idea of sensors layer comes from the bubble wrap, since this project has many sensors, thus I hope to have a sensors network on the design of future products in order to guarantee the accurate of data. Every sensor board will be tiny after launching; the size will be 20mm diameter multiplied by 1.4mm thick.

According to this project, I used 4 sensors and Wi-Fi. It is not my first time to be in touch with Arduino, I used that to design interactive led shoes. Therefore, I am more familiar than before. During this project, I used Arduino uno at the very first to link with some sensors, and then connected them by using Wi-Fi after testing everything’s ready to go.