Designed by:

Ryan Lee, George Grange, Matthew Gordon, Karey Miu

This is a concept idea for a board game. It was a Year 2 university group work. I was in charged with the mechanics and the graphics of the game. The board game is based on the animated series called Attack on Titan. Players will need to make their way up to the top of the board by rolling 2 dice. Whoever reach to the top 1st, wins the game. There are multiple ways to reach, the catch is the shorter paths has more risk.

If the monster kills the player, they will then need to restart. There are 3 factions that the players are able to choose. Different faction give different perks. The board game has the board, dice, the rule book, the fraction cards and the player pieces.

Zufall cards are chance cards. Zufall is a german word for chance. We used a german word because the settings of the animated series Attack on Titan is base on Germany.