Designed by:

Becky Lee

I was challenged with a university brief to create a experiential design project. The Northumbria university library was the second highest scoring university library in the UK according to The Times Higher Student Experience Survey for 2015, the visual to display how busy each floor was in the library did not however reflect this statistic. I created a 3D model that would use live data from the Northumbria university website and use coloured LEDs to indicate how busy each individual floor was in the library.

When logging into the My Northumbria student platform students are provided with information about various parts of the Northumbria campus. Some of this information is a live feed from the Northumbria University library, the feed is constantly updated with the number of available computers in the Northumbria library depending on the number of computers that currently have a student logged on.

Each floor has it’s own information which is then symbolised with a coloured box which changes depending how busy or quiet the particular floor is. For my tower the LED colour will change between green, amber and red depending on the computer availability. The arduino board is programmed so that the number of computers available is changed into a percentage number form that then controls the colour ratio.