Designed by:

Tomás Tonon

This is a multi language and audio control for cinemas using your mobile phone and headphone.

The idea for a multi-language application for cinemas came to me when I had that need. I always try to see movies in English, and in Spain to go to a cinema and hear the movie in the original version is not always easy. So in those circumstances I thought an easy and simple way to offer in cinemas the option to hear the films in the language you want in a simple format that nowadays everybody can use and understand. The use of the technologies that every smartphone haves can revolutionize the way go to cinemas.

APP design style

For the creative design of the application I wanted to remember a retro style, remembering the golden age of cinema, the 50s and the 60s. By then the industry had a very distinct style. For example, the use of color red and its different shades.

The typeface was selected according to the typefaces of the time and those used in the industry, and certain graphic elements that reflect this style.

When you have the ticket you have several option. You can have it in your phone, scan a physical ticket to have it in digital, or give the ticket to a friend using the app.

Inside the cinema room you will connect to the wifi of the room using the digital ticket. When it's connected you will be able to access to the audio control panel and start to hear the audio of the projection.

When you are connected and sync with the cinema the audio control panel will be the main menu of the app during all the season. With it you can control 3 main volume options, the voices, me music and the environmental and effect sound.

For more customize there is a "pro" mode where you can control a virtual sound panel with audio booster options, and a full equailizer with some "health" presets.

When the movie starts and the light of the room turns off the app will change to a night mode. This mode of high contrast and low light will permit to change and see the setting and will not disturb other people with the light of the screen.