Easy Queue

An exclusive iOS app designed to take the friction out of queueing at festivals, letting you relax and enjoy the event. Your festival. Your way.


The music festival industry is being rapidly transformed. Consumers are looking at the bigger picture and demanding a better all round festival experience. With the exponential rise in boutique festivals illustrates the demand for a highly curated, enjoyable customer experience. No longer can organisers rely simply on headline acts, they must provide a service that addresses such grievances.


Creating user flows allowed me to visualise touch points and frustrations that exist for the attendees currently. My research approach included competitor analysis and user surveys to establish the real need for the product, and developed my understanding about how digital technology can be better utilised to benefit both attendees and event organisers.


In order to demonstrate how the Easy Queue concept would be used in context, I created a Proto.io prototype and documented my processes in a supporting document. Beginning with brainstorm and sketching, to simple monochrome wireframes, the idea was developed and refined through user testing and critique sessions.

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What makes a convenient experience?

Understanding what makes a convenient, and delightful experience in the context of a music festival, provided the framework for the research. Appreciating what competitors were doing, or not doing currently, also allowed me to identify areas where there was room for further development. User surveys i conducted identified that festival-goers almost always bring their smartphone and with 4G WiFi gradually becoming a growing reality, mobile transactions when pre-ordering food and drink seemed like the natural progression to achieve an improved and positive consumer experience.

Through research I identified that by giving a users the ability to visualise their progress in a queue, gives the sense of organisation and consistency and therefore making the wait seem less tedious and more transparent. Appreciating context was also important throughout the development. By considering weather conditions, network connectivity, thumb reach etc and then organising the layout of main features and functions in order to improve glancability for users and reduce the cognitive effort needed to perform a basic task.

Gathering and monitoring data

For a small fee, attendees can upgrade their festival ticket to add Easy Queue exclusivity to their experience. The features and functions of the prototype were carefully refined to provide a simple, straightforward UI which would help rather than hinder the user when completing tasks quickly. By syncing a bank account, users can locate and pre order drinks from an Easy Queue point in advance, remotely across the site.

Data which is then collected through mobile pre-ordering provides essential information for organisers and vendors in better managing order flows, staff, costs and also provides the potential for personalised deals and rewards for attendees. The simplicity of ordering remotely allows a fluidity that benefits both the consumer and vendor, helping the festival to evolve with its attendees needs.

Easy Queue