Bespoke controller systems which arent confined by manufacturer specifications. Fully customisable, designed and built specifically by and for the users using them.


With emerging trends in DIY electronic tinkering kits, many novice DIYers, hackers and tinkerers are now able to come up with plans and prototypes for unique and imaginative solutions for solving problems. Regler grew from my curiosity and interest in such projects, and a desire to understand more about users motivations which are associated in particular with product ownership and personalisation.


Taking ownership of personal electronics is about the flexibility of opening devices and digging in to customize or modify them in any way users want. Its this kind of creativity, exploration and innovation, which provided the framework for the Regler project. Through a variety of research and design iterations, I developed an understanding of what empowers users to make electronics work for them.


A physical prototype and hi-fidelity mockups which highlight the customer journey when interacting with the Regler brand online. From here users can imagine, design and completely customise bespoke controller systems which do what they need them to do. By empowering users with support from experts, individuals are motivated to create and pursue their concepts with the reassurance that they are in control at every stage.

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The learning curve

Admittedly, Arduino programming isn’t my strongest skillset but I wanted a challenge in order to develop a better understanding of the capabilities when combining physical and digital computing. Using some basic Arduino schematics and Ableton Max4Live, I experimented with creating and customising a variety of plugins within Ableton, allowing the software and hardware to work together to control audio and visual outputs.

Bending the rules

The box was its own challenge. After creating an electronic prototype which functioned, I didn’t want housing which simply ‘hid’ the electronics; Instead I wanted the form of the final product to reflect the custom, bespoke, crafted nature of the Regler brand. The finished prototype is made from 5mm plywood and houses an Arduino Uno, breadboard and components. The pieces were laser cut and designed in such a way that I was able to curve the edges of the double walled box to create a unique and interesting form.